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43+ Stunning Matte and Glossy Nail Designs (2024)

Welcome to Dr. Nails. Dive into the enchanting realm of nail artistry where the subtle sophistication of matte flirts with the vibrant glow of glossy finishes.

This handpicked selection of nail designs is curated to inspire your next salon adventure.

Embrace the charm of these hand-painted masterpieces that promise to wrap your fingertips in style.

Pink Charm matte and glossy nail design

Oh, how delightful these nails are! A soft pink hue paired with the cutest little hearts. It’s like a whisper of love at your fingertips. If your mood’s all about that love story vibe with a side of contemporary flair, these are your go-to.

Soft pink matte nails with a mix of solid and negative-space heart designs on a cozy white sweater background

Matte and Glossy Sparkling Rouge

Catch the light and everyone’s attention with these dazzling reds. They’re the kind of nails that say you’ve got a classic taste but with a twist, thanks to that glimmer. Perfect for those evenings when you’re out to leave a mark.

Glossy red almond-shaped nails with a sparkling finish, highlighted by natural lighting and adorned with a single gold band ring

Velvet Matte and pink nails

Talk about nails that have that deep red color, making you think of velvet curtains in an old-world theater. And that thin line of sparkle? Like a shooting star on a clear night. They’re a match for someone with a taste for the classics, but who’s not afraid to walk on the edge.

Matte burgundy stiletto nails featuring a single horizontal stripe of silver glitter on each ring finger, complemented by a wavy gold ring

Understated Sparkle

Here’s to nails that get it just right—nude with a hint of glitz for when you’re feeling fancy but not over-the-top. They’re like your favorite little black dress in nail form. When you want to be ‘just enough,’ these should be your pick.

Alternating glossy and glitter-covered nails in a pale pink shade, showcasing a sparkling accent on the ring fingers and a simple white line design
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Enchanted Evening

And then there are these black beauties—cool as a winter’s night with delicate snowflakes that seem to dance on your fingers. They’re a quiet statement, a nod to those who can appreciate a bit of mystery in their style.

Matte black nails with a subtle black snowflake stamp design, set against a soft grey fabric background.

Classic Elegance with a Twist

The deep blue glossy nails paired with a creative matte accent nail featuring delicate blue floral art is the epitome of sophistication with a playful edge. Choose this design for a balance of classic beauty and artistic expression, perfect for making a subtle yet impactful statement.

Soft Hues and Sparkling Accents

Here’s a look that combines the understated elegance of soft matte pink with the glamour of a sparkling ring finger. The simplicity of the design is given a luxurious boost with the glittering nail, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a touch of sparkle to their day-to-day style.

Bold and Berry-licious

This rich berry shade is absolutely delicious, and the combination of matte and glitter textures creates a multidimensional feast for the eyes. Opt for this design when you want to exude confidence and a dash of daring, perfect for nights out or festive occasions.

Sky-High Style

This design features an extraordinary combination of matte nude and sky blue with crisp geometric lines. It’s a fashion-forward choice that screams modern chic. Choose this if you’re looking to showcase a futuristic and clean aesthetic with an air of sophistication.

Cosmic Charm

A nail design that’s out of this world, combining matte black with sparkling green reminiscent of the night sky. This choice is for those who want to carry a piece of the cosmos at their fingertips, ideal for dreamers and lovers of all things celestial.

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Modern French with a Matte Twist

A modern take on the classic French tip, this design features a matte black base with a nude accent, crowned with a delicate polka dot pattern. It’s chic, playful, and perfect for those who appreciate a fresh spin on a timeless style.

Glittering Cocoa

For those who are drawn to the allure of matte combined with the glitz of gold, these cocoa-colored nails are a dream. The full glitter accent nail is a dazzling addition, making this design a go-to for anyone who loves to shine and stand out.

Monochrome Magic

With a striking contrast of matte black and glossy pink, this design is all about the balance of opposites. The textured accent nail adds an extra layer of intrigue, making it a fabulous choice for those who embrace bold contrasts and unique flair.

Classic Red Almond Nails with Pearl Accents

Vibrant Pink Stiletto Nails with Heart Detail

Futuristic Metallic Silver Square Nails

Soft Blue and Peach Floral Almond Nails

Elegant Almond Nails with White Sculpted Art

Bold Purple Stiletto Nails with Glitter and Shine

Sparkling Pink and Hearts Medium Square Nails

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Swirled White Abstract Short Square Nails

Pink Zebra Stripe Medium Square Coffin Nails

Dark Maroon and Floral Medium Coffin Nails

Elegant Black with Gold Accents Medium Square Nails

Pink Hearts and French Tips square Nails

Elegant Stiletto Nails with Chrome Effect

Olive and Moss Almond Nails with Floral Art

Matte Short Rounded Nails in Deep Burgundy

Pink Sculpted Coffin Nails with 3D Art

Black and Blush Pink Nails with Geometric Accents

Bright Red Square Nails with Floral Accents

As we wrap up our showcase of chic and shiny nail art, remember that your fingertips are the canvas for your personal expression.

Matte or glossy, each design is a reflection of your unique flair. Flaunt your favorite with pride and let your hands do the talking!