Who Is Dr. Esraa A. Elmagid


Dr. Esraa here. 

I am a nephrology specialist. I founded doctor explains for the sake of providing in-depth high-quality information about the Kidney and the urinary system. 

I completed my residency program in internal medicine and nephrology at Minia University Hospitals, Egypt. and I now work as a nephrology specialist. 

I am a wife and a mother of two. Travel is my favourite hobby. And instagram, is my biggest time waster. 


I’ve founded Doctor-Explains.com for the sole purpose of providing high quality, evidence-based in-depth information for those who want more. 

Here, in doctor-explains.com, you will get a non-biased answers to your questions. No selling, no sponsorships.

Also, you will get the best possible user experience regarding clarity and simplicity of complex medical facts. 

Hope my blog meet your need.